Transgender Working People

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Transgender Working People Have Specific Needs – Unions Are the Answer

At a glance:

  • Nearly half (48.8%) of transgender employees reported experiencing discrimination (being fired or not hired) based on their LGBTQ+ status compared to 27.8% of cisgender LGBTQ+ employees.[1]
  • Union contracts are the best legal form of protection against employment discrimination for transgender working people. Union contracts should protect workers at every point of their transition and they must also contain strong language to encourage the hiring, developing, and promoting of transgender people.
  • Transgender individuals may have unique healthcare needs before, after, and during transition, as well as outside of transition altogether. Unions can ensure that their transgender members have the healthcare necessary for their particular needs.
  • Reasonable access to a restroom is a workplace safety and health concern. Transgender employees must have access to restrooms that correspond to their gender identity, in compliance with OSHA guidelines.
By Kathy Douglas
Kathy Douglas Senior Associate Director