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Research: Negotiating Is Unlikely to Jeopardize Your Job Offer

by Einav Hart, Julia Bear,, Zhiying (Bella) Ren, HBR, May 08, 2024

From the website:

“Job seekers worry about negotiating an offer for many reasons, including the worst-case scenario that the offer will be rescinded. Across a series of seven …

By Kathy Douglas
Kathy Douglas Senior Associate Director
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New clean energy career resource: CBEY’s 2023/2024 Career Pathways

Exploring careers in clean energy? Check out the newly launched guidebook on global energy employment trends, including degrees and sectors of nearly 400 Yale alumni in clean energy, employer highlights in each part of the energy system, and over 20 …

By Kathy Douglas
Kathy Douglas Senior Associate Director
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Career Development Courses

Getting a Seat at the Table and Making It Count

Taught by Dr. Shirley Davis
Ensuring that everyone is valued and included in the workplace is not a new goal, nor an easy one, but…

How to Get a Job in Climate

Taught by Natalie Lavery
Jobs in the climate sector are growing, and growing fast. Unfortunately, much of the growth in climate jobs has to…

Skills and Competencies for Leading Today’s DEI Workforce

Taught by Dr. Shirley Davis
Get ready to take DEI implementation to the next level by identifying the skills and steps required to truly lead…

Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion (2022)

Taught by Mary-Frances Winters
Inclusive work environments can yield greater creative output, boost employee morale, and benefit a company’s bottom line. But even as…

Finding a Job at Companies That Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Taught by Chris Taylor
Whenever you look for a job, you probably have a list of “wants” for your new position. In addition to…

Empowering BIPOC through Mentorship

Taught by Rhianna Rogers
This course aims to help BIPOC upskill in ways that empower them to move up the corporate ladder and succeed…

Inclusion and Equity for Workers with Disabilities

Taught by Liz Johnson
While inclusion and equity are increasingly important to organizations as they build and maintain their modern workforces, workers with disabilities…

Remote Work Foundations (2018)

Taught by Mike Gutman
When you unlock the power of remote work, you can ditch your commute, work where you focus best, and spend…

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