Prepare for an Interview

Use this community to find best practices for nailing that interview!

Prepare. Dress. Answer. Ask!

You have prepared a targeted resume and concise cover letter, and now you have been invited to an interview.  Have you researched the organization?  Prepared and practiced typical interview questions answers?  Do you have your own questions ready to ask?

Things You Shouldn’t Say on Your Job Interview

During a job interview you’ll be given the chance to learn any additional information when the interviewer inevitably asks “Do you have any questions for me?” Along with this, there will be opportunities for you to talk about your strengths …

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Career Resources

Indeed Career Guide offers an excellent online resource for all job seekers, including resources on:

Interview Preparation Workshop

Students with Yale Zoom accounts are invited to view the April 18 Interview Workshop.

By J. T. O’Donnell

When we meet new people in our careers, we often get asked, “Tell me about yourself.” …

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