Pre-Interview Prep

Review the below and download the interview preparation checklist!

  • Research Organization/Industry—know trends, news, standards, projects, competitors, alums
  • Find out who you are interviewing with
  • Know the job description inside and out
  • Know your resume cold, be able to walk through it
  • Have an answer ready for: Tell me about yourself–your elevator or 30 second speech
  • Know your top 3 strengths related to position
  • Be aware of and know how to talk about your weaknesses
  • Know how YOU fit with the organization
  • Research and practice typical questions
  • Line up your recommenders
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask
  • Prepare portfolio materials if applicable
  • Read the newspaper to have topics handy for small talk
  • Practice! Mock interviews, in front of mirror, with friends
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