Yale and CPD Resources for Conducting An International Summer Internship

Are you pursuing an internship outside of the U.S. this summer? If so, check out these resources on securing country specific work authorization and visas. Start soon, as some documents can take months to process. Please schedule an appointment with anyone on the CPD team to discuss specifics.

From the Yale Office of Career Strategy:

  • It will depend on the country if you will be required to secure work authorization to accept an internship, even when the internship is unpaid.
  • Students are encouraged to start this research very early, because in some cases these documents can take months to process, and may require sending your passport to a visa processing service.
  • Start your research with the consular websites for each of the countries you are considering. Begin with the Consular Directory to start your search.
  • CIBT Visas: Yale’s preferred vendor for visa needs. Discounted rates can be accessed by calling CIBT at 800-577-2428 and referencing Yale account: 40634.
  • BUNAC (United Kingdom): Students seeking internships or other work in the United Kingdom must work with BUNAC as it is fully approved by the UK government. Students should contact them as early as possible. UK work authorization processing can take several months, and often requires submitting your original passport as part of the processing requirements.

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By Kathy Douglas
Kathy Douglas Senior Associate Director