Expand Your Network

Connect with a suite of online tools to research and expand your professional network!

These are just a few of the many reasons why people network:

  • Find an Apartment
  • Starting a Business
  • Find a Good Day Care Center
  • Find a Date!
  • Job and Internship Search

“Here’s the truth: Networking is NOT all about who you know or who knows you. Networking is all about who likes you and who respects you.”

“Networking is NOT selling, nor USING people for your gain. Networking IS an exchange of information, contacts, referrals and goodwill. Networking leads to new relationships, new opportunities and greater accomplishments.” — Networking Works! Wetfeet Insider’s Guide

  • Always reciprocate. Whether making an introduction, providing information or doing a favor. Ideas may come later if nothing immediately comes to mind.
  • Always FOLLOW UP. If a faculty member refers you to someone for a possible internship, act on the referral. If you meet someone at a conference and it seems like a fruitful connection, send them an email when you get home.
  • Maintain relationships. After you’ve followed up as suggested, let the faculty member know—keep the communication lines open and active.
  • Praise your network! When people you know do something worthwhile or merely an achievement you admire or respect, LET THEM KNOW!

First Year International Student Career Development Lunch

First year international students are invited to join CPD for lunch and an informal discussion of current career development activities before winter break.

We will do a brief review of the process for applying for and researching internship opportunities with …

By Kathy Douglas
Kathy Douglas Senior Associate Director
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CPD Affinity/Identity Career Resources

CPD continues to build out career web resources for students, including resources geared towards affinity/identity groups. Be sure to check out our growing list of resources for career information, job sites, and mentorship opportunities.

Affinity/Identity Career Resources

By Kathy Douglas
Kathy Douglas Senior Associate Director
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