Job Interview Prep: A Comprehensive Guide by Reno Perry (on LinkedIn)

Don’t just skim the company website.

As a hiring manager, I noticed candidates who aced their interviews did research on things like:
· industry trends
· products (even signing up to use them)
· customers
· competitors
· recent news
· company history
· leadership team

Almost every time the conversation was 2x better.

They asked better questions.

And were a lot more confident.

Use this cheat sheet to help you do the same.
And ace your next interview!


📌 Pro Tip: A tool like PerplexityAI can save you hours of research. Prompt it like ChatGPT and get answers in seconds.

Example: “I’m interviewing for a job at Uber, can you tell me what products they have, who their leadership team is, and what the company’s financial performance was for 2023?”

By Maya Sanyal, Ph.D.
Maya Sanyal, Ph.D. Associate Director, International Student Career Success