Race, Justice, and Equity in the WorkplaceTransferable Skills

Skills and Competencies for Leading Today’s DEI Workforce

Get ready to take DEI implementation to the next level by identifying the skills and steps required to truly lead your organization through DEI implementation and sustainability. Join renowned DEI expert Dr. Shirley Davis as she explores core DEI competencies to drive change in today’s workforce, helping you build interpersonal relationships as you grow. This course is designed for company leaders, senior managers, and HR leaders, but is also relevant for anyone tasked with designing and overseeing company-wide DEI efforts. Develop skills for inclusive leadership and management, coaching, giving feedback, building trust, practicing empathy, influencing others, managing conflict, and more. Along the way, discover the fundamental skills of effective business management and organizational leadership, such as business acumen, cross-cultural communication, systems thinking, diplomacy, and diversity management.

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